Community Service Programs of West Alabama

community service programs

of west alabama, inc

Services and Costs

A network of professionals offer services at no cost to the family with some exceptions. Services may include:


Assistive Technology
Family Training, Counseling and Home Visits
Health Services
Sign Language and Cued Language
Medical Services for Diagnostic Purposes
Nursing Services
Nutrition Services
Occupational Therapy
Speech-Language Pathology
Physical Therapy
Psychological Services
Service Coordination (Case Management)
Social Work Services
Special Instruction
Transportation and Related Costs
Vision Services


Research indicates that a child's most effective teachers are those with whom they have a nurturing relationship and with whom they spend the most time, such as parents, grandparents, or child care providers.   How these individuals interact with the child while feeding, diapering, playing, and cuddling will have the greatest impact on how a child develops and learns.  The team of early intervention professionals will aid and support the family while teaching skills that can be carried out on a daily basis in order to meet the child's developmental needs.


*Early Intervention offers service coordination in Bibb, Greene, Hale, Marengo, Pickens, Sumter and Tuscaloosa Counties.