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Evaluations & Eligibility

Infants or toddlers with delays in motor, cognitive, adaptive, communication, social and/or emotional development may qualify for Early Intervention services.

The following are used when determining a child's eligibility for services: a general developmental assessment of the child's abilities; a parental interview in which parents can voice concerns about their child's delay(s); a review of the child's health/medical records; assessments by specialists in the areas of concern.

A child who is not doing the following at the corresponding age, may have a developmental delay.
At Age          Child Should
3 months babble
follow a moving object
hold his/her head erect
grasp object placed in his/her hand
6 months turn toward sounds
sit with little support
reach for and hold objects
9 months say ma-ma and da-da
respond to his/her name
stand for a short time with support
bang two objects together
inititate sounds
12 months wave goodbye
say two words other than ma-ma/da-da
feed himself/herself
18 months say six words
build a tower with three blocks
drink from a cup held in both hands
24 months use two-word sentences
say at least 50 words
walk up and down stairs
point to objects in a book
All Early Intervention services and therapies are provided in the child's natural environment i.e., the child's home, daycare setting, etc. CSP's Early Intervention service coordinators will work with the family to determine the best setting. Family involvement is crucial to case management of these children.

If a child is eligible for Early Intervention services, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) is developed by the parents, the child's service coordinator and other service providers. An IFSP describes the services to be provided for a child including the frequency, time and location. The plan includes functional outcomes that will help a child reach full potential. The IFSP also plans for subsequent services, if needed, for when the child reaches age three.