Community Service Programs of West Alabama

community service programs

of west alabama, inc




Monthly Rent is a flat rate and is not based on your income

Applicant/Co-applicant must be at least 19 years of age



Monthly Rent

Minimum Monthly Income

Alberta Gardens*



2200 Block of 1st Street East

3 Bd/2 Ba



Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

3Bd/2½ Ba



3 Bedroom Homes












1200 Block of 19th Street

3 Bd/2 Ba



Tuscaloosa, AL 35401




3 Bedroom Homes








Tuscaloosa West/Other





2 Bd

$375 Up

$1136 and Up

&  Various Other

3 Bd

$500 Up

$1515 and Up

2 & 3 Bedroom Homes






CSP creates affordable, attractive and energy efficient housing for families with low to moderate incomes, special needs and/or disabilities. Single-family homes can be made affordable for first time homebuyers. The program allows participants, who do not have a perfect credit history or who may not have the down payment for traditional mortgages, to lease a CSP home for 24 months. A portion of the lease payment is designated as down payment. At the conclusion of the lease, if the participant has completed all the requirements, the purchase phase begins. The Housing Division assists with the loan process to capture low interest rates to make mortgage payments affordable.