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Before you submit your application, we would like to provide you with some additional information.

Very Important Notes

* If you have submitted a Head Start/Early Head Start application in previous years or have had another child enrolled, you will not be able to submit a new application online, please contact the local Head Start/Early Head Start center for assistance. (You will pick up at step 3 of the application process.)


* If there are any changes to your address, telephone number, or email address, please contact the local Head Start/Early Head Start center to which you applied immediately. 


* Completed applications are valid for one (1) program term. If a family wishes to apply for a new program term, family information must be updated and new proof of income must be submitted.


* If your child is accepted, parent orientation and additional documentation will be required prior to enrollment. You will receive notification of specific information via email and text.


Application Process - What to expect

1. Submit an application.

  • All applications are completed online. If you are unable to access a computer or you prefer additional assistance with this first step, please contact the local Head Start/Early Head Start center.

2. After you have submitted your application online, contact the local Head Start/Early Head Start center to schedule an application interview appointment.

  • Items needed for your interview include the following:
    • Family Income (Examples – 1040 tax form, W2, TANF, SSI, Child Support)*
    • Proof of Age (Example – Child’s birth certificate)*
    • Identification of Parent/Legal Guardian (Example – Driver’s license, State ID)*
    • Proof of custody (if applicable)*
    • Child’s Medicaid/Insurance Card
    • Child’s Immunization Record
    • Child’s most recent Physical 
    • Child’s most recent Dental

3. Application interview with a Family Service Advocate. 

  • All required documents must be provided at interview. You will be asked to reschedule if required documents are not available for review.
  • An application interview must be conducted in order to complete the application.
  • On average, the application interview will last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

4. Notification of application status will be sent via email and text.

  • All children are added to the waitlist once the application is complete and verified.
  • Applications are ranked on a point system which is based on an assessment of community needs.
  • The order of applicants on waitlist can change daily as new applications are completed and verified. 

5. Selection of children will be made in stage between the months of May – July.

  • Notice of acceptance will be sent via email and text.
  • Additional selections will be made throughout the program term to fill vacancies if necessary.

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