Community Service Programs of West Alabama

community service programs

of west alabama, inc



Housing counseling services include pre- and post-purchase counseling, mortgage default and foreclosure prevention, rental counseling, home improvement and rehabilitation and counseling to the homeless. CSP utilizes budget and debt management, energy conservation and home maintenance information in the housing counseling process.

In the case of default and delinquencies, CSP first works with the clients to identify the source(s) of the problem and then helps the client search for resources within their means to correct the financial deficiency. When necessary, clients are counseled about avoiding potential eviction proceedings and/or foreclosure. CSP utilizes internal resources and services for housing clients, or refers clients to other community resources so that the family can make rent or mortgage payments. Housing counseling staff may help clients apply for occupancy and rent subsidies. CSP also provides counseling to tenants with regard to Section 8 and guidance in seeking alternative voucher housing, as needed.